LEWISTON — A 6-month-old pit bull named Sammy, who allegedly had duct tape wrapped around its eyes and mouth, had also been bound with rope, a veterinarian said Thursday.

In spite of his injuries, Sammy was doing well and on Saturday he’ll be put up for adoption.

The dog was being treated at the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society nearly two weeks after police said he was shut up in a bathroom with tape over his eyes and mouth.

Donald Otis Hebert IV, 46, of 70 Googin St., was arrested Wednesday on two counts of animal cruelty. Investigators say Hebert used duct tape to silence the dog because he didn’t want to be bothered.

It was his children who found the pit bull in the bathroom of the Googin Street home, police said. Since then, Sammy has been in the care of the Animal Emergency Clinic and the Humane Society.

Not for much longer though, says Zack Black, manager of the shelter. At 10 a.m. Saturday, Sammy will officially be available for adoption.

Black doesn’t expect to encounter any problems finding Sammy a home. The dog is still skittish after the trauma, he said, but he interacts well with other animals and children who give him space.

“He’s friendly with everyone,” Black said. “He’s a happy-go-lucky dog.”

Dr. Stephen Kinney treated Sammy and said the signs of abuse were clear. Even so, the animal was healing well and, beyond the possibility of scars on his legs, should recover completely.

“Everything is healing good,” Kinney said. “He’s a really friendly fellow.”

On Thursday, Sammy was also a bit of a rock star. Reporters came to the shelter to see him. Photographers wanted to take his picture.

Black said he expects a lot of interest this weekend as Sammy becomes available. He hopes the people who come to see him will also take a look at the other dogs, cats and various other critters.

“We have a lot of other animals,” he said, “who need homes, too.”

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