NORWAY— The Gingerbread House is on wheels and appears ready to move west on Main Street, but no date has been announced.

“Not yet,” said Patricia Shearman of the Friends of the Gingerbread House, when asked if she has received a firm date.

The town is expected to receive seven days notice before the actual move takes place.

James G. Merry Building Movers of Scarborough will be moving the three-story 19th century house to a new foundation near Butters Park. The house is approximately 80 feet long and 20 feet wide.

Volunteers from the Norway Landmarks Preservation Society, the nonprofit organization which is doing business as Friends of the Gingerbread House, have worked for the past two years to acquire the building and move it to a new lot.

C’s Inc.,  a real estate holding company affiliated with Sun Media Group, publishers of the Sun Journal and Advertiser-Democrat, agreed late in 2008 to delay demolition of the 1851 home if anyone could successfully figure out a way to move it. The volunteers banded together to save the landmark.

The building, known historically as the Evans-Cummings House, is on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s name is from the elaborate “gingerbread” trim that was put on the home during a late 19th century renovation.

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