DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am a crafter who needs help. I have been searching for doll eyeglasses. I have found several different sizes, but I need 2¼-inch, half-round eyeglasses. I’m hoping your readers will help me locate these. Any help will be appreciated. — Dodie Mahar, Rumford, 364-2338

ANSWER: Sun Spots guesses that you have already checked online? There are an amazing number of sources for doll eyeglasses (who would have thought it?). has the size you want, but in round, not half-round, glasses, as does Craft-Mania in Auburn. Checking back at and eBay might prove useful. Hopefully readers will have suggestions.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In the past you have been very helpful in a lot of ways to many. I thank you very much. At the moment, I need your help in locating something that I have had no success in finding.

I’m a knitter and in need of finding doll heads and hands. They are used to make dolls complete as I knit the dresses for them. Hopefully one of your readers can help me. — June McKinley, East Poland, [email protected], 998-3448

ANSWER: Again, there are many sources online — even has a few. Others include,, and Locally, Craft-Mania at 730 Center St. in Auburn, 783-8265, sells them as well.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I think that the woman inquiring for her former floor cleaner on April 19 is looking for me. My name is now Karen Bailey. I grew up in Greene and Turner, started a housekeeping business four years ago and at that time was charging $20 per hour. I was going through a divorce when I began, but I am now happily remarried with four children.

She can call Karen’s Housekeeping at 740-5050 or email me at [email protected] — Karen G.B. Bailey

ANSWER: Karen is not the only housekeeper who thought No Name in Lewiston was referring to her! Hopefully No Name will recognize which one of these responses is the right one.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding the letter in April 19’s newspaper, I believe the person is looking for my mom. She does cleaning (and has for the last 20 years). She is known for doing an outstanding job on floors, as she always does them on her hands and knees.

We are from Greene (on Route 202). She is a divorcee and worked to support her three daughters. Hopefully, her name, Bonnie, will ring a bell. (Her last name was Dube at the time.) She still does floors on her hands and knees. You can call her at 212-2379. Thanks! — Shana, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In reply to April 19, No Name is looking for me. I’m the lady in Greene, and my business is called Sunshine Cleaning Service.

It’s so wonderful to be loved by so many clients. One of my dearest clients told me that I made the newspaper. She said I think this is you they’re writing about.

I started this business three years ago, and it’s still running strong. I can’t tell you how many bathrooms I’ve’ cleaned, floors I’ve stripped, walls and windows I’ve washed and client homes I’ve organized.

I have met so many wonderful people along the way. My journey in life is to make people smile rain or shine and that’s why they call me Sunshine. — Doreen, 754-0048, [email protected]

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