100 years ago,1911

Sabattus is fast becoming a popular summer resort as many come here for a short outing besides those who work in town and live within cottages during the summer months. F. P. Lombard is clearing up a 5-acre grove on the shore of the pond and will build a dance pavilion. This will be named “Lake View Park.”

50 years ago, 1961

Lewiston Public Works Board member Andrew R. Mathieu and PWD Director George J. Maher clashed at the city building last night over the municipal equipment rental policy.

Mathieu said he heard the city sweeper was used Saturday on the Raytheon Company lot and, in effect, he asked Maher what is going on.

Maher said private enterprise has been allowed to rent city equipment for years. Sanction is only given when the firm is unable to obtain similar equipment locally, the director explained. In addition, the city equipment is available only when it is idle.

25 years ago, 1986

Fifteen Bates College students touring the Soviet Union were scheduled to fly to Armenia Wednesday before returning to the United States, a spokesman for the school said Wednesday.

The students and their instructor, who were staying at a Kiev hotel 60 miles southeast of the Chernobyl nuclear reactors, arrived in Moscow on April 18 as part of a five-week field trip. They were not aware Wednesday that a meltdown had occurred, according to Dean James W. Carignan.

He declined to reveal the students’ names, citing their privacy.