I am not necessarily opposed to casinos. If they create half as many jobs (questionable) as backers project, that will be a good thing for the local economy. If people want to blow their welfare and Social Security checks on slot machines, I guess that’s their business.

I’m a high school graduate, but I’m confused by the 100-mile distance law that Gov. Paul LePage just signed. Oxford is OK because they are more than 100 “road miles” from Bangor. Lewiston now wants a casino, too, but Lewiston is closer to Bangor than Oxford.

LePage says, “Let the voters decide.”

Lewiston is about 20 miles from Oxford. What about the people of Saco/Biddeford who want a casino? Machais? Orono? Race tracks? How many casinos will the limited population of this state support?

Is there a rational policy?

Richard Grover, Mason Township