OXFORD — Police have arrested a suspect in an Oxford burglary after a two-day search when the suspect appeared in court for an unrelated incident.

Scott Bowie, 35, was arrested at 9 a.m. on Thursday morning. He was charged with burglary and theft in a Tuesday incident on Robinson Hill Road in Oxford.

An alleged accomplice in the burglary is still missing, as is a gun reported stolen from the home, according to police.

Bowie was arrested when he appeared in Oxford County Superior Court a day late for a docket call. Lt Michael Dailey of the Paris Police Department and Cpl. Chancey Libby of the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office arrested him, according to Oxford police Chief Jonathan Tibbetts.

Tibbetts would not comment on evidence against Bowie and would not say whether he has admitted to stealing from the home.

Bowie was due to appear in court Wednesday for a docket call for charges of burglary, domestic violence assault, obstructing report of a crime, theft by unauthorized taking or transfer and criminal mischief.

Early Tuesday afternoon, an Oxford resident reported two people loading items from a neighbor’s home into a van. The van left the scene, but Oxford County dispatchers gave local police agencies a description of the van and helped coordinate a police effort to find the van.

When police made contact with the van on Paris Hill Road, the driver crashed while trying to escape and the van’s two occupants ran into the woods near the Cornwall Nature Preserve. The van was filled with items taken from the home on Robinson Hill Road, but a 9mm handgun and ammunition reported stolen was not recovered.

Tibbetts said the crashed van didn’t belong to Bowie, but that the suspect was using it legally. He would not comment on who owned the van.

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