I am writing to express my displeasure with the lack of support for education that I keep reading about.

Schools are a precious resource in our community. They educate and create the future.

Schools are not a business or a daycare. It is time people realize that. There are unfunded mandates and benchmarks the state and federal government set that have to be met. Educators cannot meet those mandates and benchmarks with limited resources, large class sizes and bare-bones budgets.

The school boards are not expecting a “Cadillac” of budgets.

The School Committee of RSU 16 is a group of dedicated individuals who are trying to ensure that the community provides quality education without breaking the bank. That practically unattainable task is not made easier by people pointing fingers at the School Committee and calling the board unreasonable.

There needs to be effective communication between all parties involved. Yes, the economy is in dire straits and many people are living on fixed incomes. I struggle to find all the funds necessary to buy groceries, buy fuel to heat my home and pay taxes. However, people would not have the funds to support themselves without the tools that an education gives.

I encourage residents to take the time to listen with open minds and get all the facts, then participate in the process and understand the state has made this process, not the local boards.

Please make a sensible vote.

Susan Callahan, Minot

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