WESTBROOK — The former finance director of the Maine city of Westbrook has been banned from City Hall for another year.

On Saturday, the Westbrook police served Susan Rossignol with a trespass notice at the request of Mayor Colleen Hilton and City Administrator Jerre Bryant.

Rossignol had served as the city’s finance director for 32 years before Hilton announced at her inauguration last year that Rossignol would not be reappointed.

Hilton has said Rossignol repeatedly showed up at City Hall and disrupted employees. She was served a one-year no trespass order in March 2010.

The Portland Press Herald says Hilton and Bryant wouldn’t go into details about why they feel the new ban is necessary, but Hilton said, “it’s not frivolous.”

Rossignol says she was stunned.

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