While gathering information from the newspaper and some public meetings, I offer several thoughts.

First, I have nothing but respect for the RSU 16 school board members from Mechanic Falls. Several are personal friends. With that being said, the tax increase proposed in this year’s budget is obscene, at best.

While people are unemployed or having their lifetime benefits reduced, gas prices going through the roof along with heating oil and food, they are pulling in their lifestyle and spending habits.

I have met two basic types of people in my 40 years of public service. The first type includes the ones who think government is the answer to everything and must be funded no matter what. I was taught that the government of this country is of the people, by the people and for the people — which I subscribe to.

So I’ll be voting “no” on the budget when presented, and I will continue voting no until the budget is more acceptable to the taxpaying public

Ollie Emery, Mechanic Falls

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