MONMOUTH — Friends Of Cumston Library has announced the winner of the art competition. The competition, with a money prize, was for students to design a graphic image that depicts Cumston Public Library as it is in Cumston Hall.

Jasmine Cook was the winner. Other participants were Jeremy Auger, Meghan Bates, Angela Bechard, Melissa Bressard, Danielle Bumann, Alex Caron, Sara Caruso, Julia DeStefano, Kyle Foyt-Bridges, Kayla Frost, Adriana Gonzalez, Kyle Haney, Kayla Minkowsky, Amy Nacca, Addie Ortiz-Burnham, Abby Parkinson, Daisi Poole, Brooke Rooney, Hailey Rooney, Kara Rowley, Sierra Spencer, Nathan Trenholm, Ethan Valliere and Colby Wilson.

The images will be on display at Cumston Public Library during June, July and August.

An award ceremony will take place at the May Faire, Saturday, May 14, at 1 p.m. on the steps of Cumston Hall.

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