Complex legislation that affects people’s health should generate enough respect in the political arena to receive a few minutes of debate, but when health insurance legislation was shoved through the Maine House with negative effects for rural Maine, nobody spoke up for rural residents.

Rep. Paul Waterhouse, R-Bridgton, didn’t try to protect his rural constituency when he voted for a health insurance bill that could force rural residents to drive excessive distances and see unfamiliar doctors for their health coverage.

The speed with which that legislation was proposed and passed was even more unnerving. There was no debate and, even worse, it passed along strict party lines.

Is this democracy? I think legislators should work together in the best interests of their constituency, not line up on opposite sides of a playing field. Health coverage is a critical issue for every single person. It isn’t a football game.

The candidates who will get my vote in 2012 will have demonstrated they can work with both sides of the aisle.

Toni Seger, Lovell