Angus King tried to dismiss the concerns of Mainers simply wanting to maintain their standard of quiet, peace and beauty where they live, by presenting a terse little question of which would people prefer — coal, nuclear or oil as a power source.

That is disingenuous at best.

He omitted two other choices to which Mainers already have access: gas-fired power generation and hydro-power on Maine’s rivers. Of course, neither of those would make King and his business partner, Rob Gardiner, rich.

The former governor’s remark that what he and Gardiner are doing to the Maine landscape is legal, is surely correct. The absolute nerve to discount what everyday people living in the Western Maine mountains want to look at and live with is insulting, disrespectful and totally self-serving.

The little town of Roxbury and the residents around Ellis Pond will be living with 22 monstrous wind turbines for a very long time only because people were given promises that will never be kept and because of manipulation of the very process of town management.

Let other communities prepare themselves — the locusts are on the move, devouring the landscape.

Anne Morin, Roxbury