I am a student at Geiger Elementary School and I’m writing to criticize the idea that kindergarten students might get to possess expensive iPads in the Auburn schools.

I understand that someday they would be able to operate that expensive equipment, and that they need to be taught how to use technology, but why so early?

Shouldn’t they be given that opportunity at a more responsible age? Perhaps sixth grade?

It is clear to me that kindergarten is not the best grade to be given the chance to handle that equipment. If I recall it right, they cost a minimum of $500 each, and in the hands of small, inexperienced kindergarten students, they could be damaged easily.

It is possible that some students would break their iPads by dropping them, throwing them around or playing something inappropriate. There are many ways of misusing that technology when in the hands of young children. If five students break, misuse or lose those iPads, that is a loss of $2,500 for their mistakes.

I hope Auburn officials will reconsider letting kindergarten students use iPads and leave the opportunity to the older students at Auburn elementary schools (and Lewiston elementary schools, too).

Roman Dennis, Lewiston