RUMFORD — Selectmen at Thursday night’s meeting will revisit their tabled request from police Chief Stacy Carter to apply for an estimated $200,000 federal grant that would pay three years of salary and benefits for a police officer.

The town would pick up the fourth year using money Carter says he’ll save by using the grant-funded officer to reduce overtime during the first three years.

Carter’s initial request was tabled at the board’s May 5 meeting following several minutes of discussion.

At Thursday’s meeting, Town Manager Carlo Puiia is expected to provide an update on the town auditor situation.

That also was broached at the the May 5 meeting, but Puiia told the board that corrective actions were under way to protect Rumford from unlicensed auditors doing the town’s books.

That issue came to light recently when it was learned that Harold Blake, the man who has been auditing Rumford’s books for the past two decades, may not have been properly licensed to do some of that work.

Among new business items are approvals of:

* A mutual aid agreement for the Fire Department.

* 2011 gravel and winter sand bids.

* 2011-12 pre-cast concrete bid.

* A request to take action on structures deemed dangerous.

* District Budget Validation Referendum Warrant and notice of election for RSU 10.

* A sewer assessment.

* A Memorial Day Parade permit for the American Legion.

* A municipal quitclaim deed for 196 Wyman Hill Road.

Three executive sessions follow the meeting.

The first is for legal counsel with Puiia and town lawyer Thomas Carey; and the second and third are economic development matters with Puiia, Economic Development Committee member Jim Rinaldo and interested parties.

Preceding the board’s 7 p.m. meeting in Rumford Falls Auditorium, a public hearing will be held at 6 p.m. on the annual town meeting warrant, which goes to voters June 14.

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