HEBRON – Hebron Academy Middle School Director Paul Brouwer recently presented certificates for the winter trimester honor roll.

Highest Honors (A- average or higher): Nathaniel Bennett of Oxford, Olivia Berger of Waterford, Chase Harkins of South Paris, Nicholas Johnson of Bryant Pond, Eliot List of Bethel, Jack Morton of South Paris and Arianna Pinkham of Auburn.

High Honors (B+ average or higher): Sarah Brouwer of Hebron, Alana Chipman of Poland, Emily Hemmings of Hebron, Riley Hemmings of Hebron, Rachel Jurek of Hebron, Field Peterson of New Gloucester, Elliott Ross of Waterford, Katie Schools of Gray and Coulton Williams of Mason Twp.

Honors (B average or higher): Jack Bayley of Auburn, Elizabeth Everett of West Paris, Mason Henley of Bryant Pond, Sabrina Maamouri-Cortez of South Paris, Brigid Mulvihill of Raymond, Walter Rasmussen of Auburn, Owen Richmond of Mason Twp and Emily Thompson of Norway.