I have read a lot of interesting information in the Sun Journal during the past 30 years I’ve lived and worked in the Lewiston-Auburn area. I enjoy skimming the headlines, noting photos, and finding items of local interest, including the reports by Auburn’s city manager.

When I read that Auburn’s City Council members cannot work together with the departments they oversee and with City Manager Glenn Aho, I am reluctant to be proud of the political process in this city.

When a council will not allow a well-written weekly review letter to be published on the city’s website and in local papers without discussion, I just don’t get it. Those of us who have read the review understand that producing that amount of coherent information takes time and some thought.

Here is a perfect opportunity for council members, and the general public they represent, to see full disclosure, accountability and an informative point of view.

Taxpayers gain insight into what topics the city manager encounters during a given week.

It’s a good thing; why eliminate it?

Yes, it was an “extra” thing he did and he probably is glad he doesn’t have to do the physical writing of it anymore. But what has been proven by the council’s action?

Is that how the people of Auburn want to be represented?

Angela Delorme, Auburn