100 years ago,1911

A youth by the name of Allaire had a narrow escape from serious injury Saturday evening, when he was thrown from a team near the Lewiston City Building. Allaire was driving a team in which there were two other boys. Just how the accident happened is unknown, but Allaire was thrown headlong to the pavement. He suffered no broken bones but was stunned. He was carried by Edouard Gauthier into the police station, where he recovered in a short time.

50 years ago, 1961

Deputy Fire Chief Louis Talarico of Lewiston was injured yesterday morning when he tumbled into a recessed furnace pit while probing in a smoke-filled cellar at 80 Knox St.

The deputy was working around a faulty furnace when, unable to see because of thick smoke, he dropped into the 18-inch deep pit. He got out and continued on the job, despite the aches.

25 years ago, 1986

A freak accident, involving a cat and a “pothead,” shut down electrical power to Lewiston’s downtown mills Tuesday morning.

Richard Libbey, area superintendent of western substations for Central Maine Power Co., said Tuesday night that the trouble began around 3 a.m., when a cat managed to get into a restricted area at the CMP substation at the Hill Mill.

Libbey said the cat got across a piece of equipment called a pothead which shorted out, setting off a chain reaction which caused power to go out for all the mills.