Politicians in Augusta and Washington, D.C., have lost their way. They are all power drunk. They wrap themselves in the flag and wave the Constitution to show how great and patriotic they are.

At both levels, they make laws for the people but are exempt from following them. When will people insist that everyone gets the same deal as those in government? You cannot govern if you are exempt from your own laws.

In Maine government, one person has the power to object to a mural as hostile to business and down it comes; he thinks the tea party and Maine Heritage Foundation are the thinkers for the majority; he can demonize unions and teachers; and let the greedy wolves draft and dictate policy.

The majority speak of jobs and lower taxes, but they are only interested in going back 40 years, rewriting laws to suit lobbyists and their own political needs. The health care legislation adopted for Maine is a glaring example of how lost those officials are. The signing of the bill at the State House added insult to injury with Robert Nutting in the forefront. His business overcharged MaineCare for millions. He obviously doesn’t understand MaineCare reimbursement rules or bankruptcy laws, yet he is expected to spearhead health care reform. The package is completely flawed.

We need more responsible politicians who are willing to put the people first. It’s not one party over the other. It is solutions, not mandates.

Michael Ouellette, Auburn