RANGELEY — There are still good people who take responsibility for their mistakes and leave money behind to fix whatever was broke.

In this case, it was a window in an unoccupied camp that was broken in Rangeley.

Police received a report of a broken window and went to check it out Wednesday.

The officer checked the camp. He made entry and found it was secured and nothing appeared to be disturbed, Chief Dennis Leahy said Friday.

But taped to the bottom of the inside of the broken window was an envelope.

“I’m sorry” was written on it and there was $300 cash inside, Leahy said.

Whoever broke the window must have reached inside and taped the envelope of money to the sill, he said.

Leahy said he contacted the camp owner and the person responded “You‘re kidding me.”

The owner is getting the window fixed and still no one knows who stepped up to the plate to right the wrong.

— Donna M. Perry

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