100 years ago,1911

A peculiar incident took place yesterday noon during the wind squall. A young man had just started up Main Street hill on a bicycle when his straw hat was blown off and continued to roll up the hill. The young man stayed on his wheel and gave pursuit. Finally, the hat stopped and before he could slow down he had run over his straw hat. It was somewhat crushed but he brushed it off, put it on his head and proceeded amid the laughter of passersby.

50 years ago, 1961

Maroon and white will make the graduation festivities of the departing ELHS seniors a brighter one than in the past.

The girls will wear white and the boys maroon. The senior class voted unanimously for the change to colors. Parents taking color pictures at the graduation should also enjoy the new apparel.

25 years ago, 1986

Dozens of massive forest fires in Ontario and Quebec are being blamed for smoke in the air in northern New England.

Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection issued an air-quality advisory Friday for the 200,000-acre area including Augusta, Bangor and Lewiston-Auburn because of the smoke.

State health officials warned people with respiratory or cardiac conditions to stay inside and use discretion in physical activity.