LEWISTON — During a graduation filled with references to technology, Edward Little High School graduated 240 Saturday night at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee.

Class Co-President Brianna Robbins welcomed the audience and asked people to turn off their cell phones. “And kindergarten students, put away your iPads,” she joked, a reference to a controversial plan to give all Auburn kindergartners the tablet computers.

Principal James Miller shared his philosophy about “good.”

Good is a mindset, an attitude, he said. Graduates must find their good, what makes them happy. His good things include walks at night, his grandsons, time with friends and family.

“And 240 seniors in front of me,” he said. “That’s awesome good.”

In addition to having good, they must do good: Help a friend, pick up a room, mentor, give to charity. “True good will only come to you when you first have done something good.”

He offered two examples: Superintendent Tom Morrill, who is retiring after 37 years in education, and Franklin Principal David Eretzian, retiring after 39 years. The audience gave both standing ovations.

Edward Little has a graduation tradition of the top five students giving speeches. They are the keynote speakers.

Fifth honor speaker Luis Rovayo thanked many who have helped the Class of 2011. “None of us would have become the great scholars, athletes and performers we aspire to be,” he said.

Fourth honor speaker Benjamin Armstrong said no one can do much alone. “Connections are vital,” he said. “With our family and friends watching, I ask you to reflect on how the people around you have contributed to the individual you are.”

Third honor speaker Emily Grund asked audience members if they’d mind if she checked her Facebook. She took out her laptop and updated her status: “Currently checking Facebook while speaking in front of several thousand people.”

Just as Facebook is based on the concept of social networking, the EL school community reflects a similar idea, a structure of individuals tied together through a common interest or goal, Grund said.

“Now it’s time to log out of what we’ve always known and log in to the new and greater things,” she said.

Salutatorian Nathan Fairchild talked about how YouTube allows anyone to watch any video at any time. YouTube can be a waste of time, but it can also inspire and generate ideas. The greatest YouTube channel is the world, Fairchild said. Graduates should not be afraid to broadcast their ideas.

“Let’s dive into the future with the eagerness to say to this world, ‘This is what I’ve got, so take a look.’”

Using Google as his theme, valedictorian Alexander Smith said until this point, their lives have been defined for them.

“Now, as we separate, we are ready to begin supporting ourselves,” he said. As they leave the hallways of the Auburn school system, “the world is ours,” Smith said. “It’s time to click that search button.”

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