LEWISTON — The third quarter honor roll for Lewiston Middle School has been announced.

First honors

Grade 8: Nasra Abdirizak Aden, Abdilahi J. Bade, Aaron R. Bissonnette, Brooklyn T. Brown, Jeremy David Cairns, Jacquelyn Dean, Claudia C. Dionne, Timothy P. Dube, Nicole J. Footer, Ashley E. Forshaw, Angel L. Gendron, Lauren FL. Halligan, Andrea M. Hamel, Joshua A. Knight, Sabin J. Lavorgna, Kyleigh Sue Letourneau, Keenan J. Lynch, Abdullahi F. Mohamed, Muna Abdi Mohamed, Jami L. Morissette, Ty W. Murphy, Preston D. Ouellet, Emily A. Payne, Julian D. Smedley and Erika S. Thibault.

Grade 7: Kayta E. Balsamo, Lauren E. Belleau, Andrew Chin, Avery J. Gagnon, Eric L. Hall, Gabriel N. Jacques, Kaylyn B. Labonte, Meagan Tralee Murphy, Maggie R. Phelan, Tyler James Poisson, Sylvia C. M. Schulze, Zakiya A. Sheikh, Elizabeth R. Small, Kelsey L. St Cyr, Alanna J. Taylor, Michaela Jordan Wagg, Destiny Lee Wetherell, Tamia Shanice Wilson and Lin Feng Zou.

Second honors

Grade 8: Nairus A. Abdullahi, Farhiyo I. Aden, Elijah J. Akerley, Tiffany R. Bailey, Keileigh A. Belanger, Taylor E. Bergeron, Elijah D. Cady, Hannah E. Carr, Nathan W. Cook, Abdihakim A. Dagane, Shania E. Haggan, Michael C. Harrington, Abukar Hassan, Ibrahim M. Hussein, Nadine M. Jones, Molly A. Kivus, Brandon J. Langlois, Lauren A. Lecompte, Eric R. Norton, Alyssa M. Rousseau, Lucas P. Rushton, Amanda R. Swart and Therese A. Turmel.

Grade 7: Kristina K. Blais, Jordyn A. Carr, Austin M. Craig, Mersadie L. Dulac, Emily Jane Dumont, Andrew K. Fabrizio, Evan L. Gagne, Emily E. Gosselin, Corey Harlow, Hassan Khalif Ibrahim, Corinne M. Laberge, Caleb A. Lebrun, Courtney L. Martel, Kiana D. Melvin, Sophie Lee Mitchell, Ahmed A. Mohamed, Brittany Marie Moreau, Kyle C. Morin, Kelly T. Nuzzo, Brandon W. Perro, Bryce B. Smith, Kevin Thompkins, Dakota L. Tibbetts, Griffin B. Wade, Austin D. Wing and Samuel C. Zashut.

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