RANGELEY — Hunter Cove Cabins has been recognized in Down East Magazine’s “Best of Maine” July issue as the “Best Lake Retreat,” owner Chris Egerhei of Rangeley said Thursday.

Egerhei and her husband, Ralph, own the property on Rangeley Lake.

She said she had no idea the property was being considered for the “Best of Maine” edition until she was contacted three weeks before the issue hit the stands. She got a call from a man who stayed at the cabins last fall and he told her the news. The couple knew nothing about him other than he was a guest.

“It is a big deal to us, believe me,” she said.

The couple have owned the property for 26 years.

When the couple and their 3-year-old daughter moved to Rangeley decades ago, they hadn‘t planned on being camp owners or being in the hospitality business, Chris Egerhei said.

“We were builders,” she said.

A year after they moved to their vacation home from suburban Boston, Mass., Hunter Cove Cabins became available to buy.

The cabins were run down and in terrible condition, she said.

“We thought we could bring this property back to life again,” she said.

They tore the cabins apart and rebuilt them.

There were eight individual cabins and the couple built another that they called home for years until they sold it and moved into cabin No. 8 and made it their home.

Seven of the cabins are available for rent during the spring, summer and fall seasons. The couple closes down the retreat for the winter and migrates to warmer climate. Up until five years ago, the cabins were open year-round.

“It’s a pretty quiet property,” she said. “The location is fantastic. We look directly at the face of Saddleback Mountain. They are really beautiful little cabins. We spent a lot of time, money and energy bringing it back to life here.”

Down East Magazine writes in its “Go” section, “For many Mainers, three things represent the Triple Crown of success and happiness: A boat, a dog, and a camp. The first two can be had relatively easily, but if you’re not ready for property taxes and maintenance bills, you’ll do well to book a stay at Hunter Cove Cabins in Rangeley. This cozy, 6-acre complex of seven board-and-batten one- and two-bedroom cabins offers camp life for a couple of nights and for barely a fraction of what full ownership would set you back. Don’t worry about your other two gems: Your boat can tie up at the dock on the lake, and your pup is as welcome in your cabin as you are.”

They’ve had visitors come from all around with many coming more than once. The cost is $950 to $1,200 a week or from $150 to $210 a night.

The Egerhei’s take care of the property themselves and do the maintenance..

“We cut the grass, Ralph fixes anything that breaks. We do it all,” she said.

To learn more about the retreat, go to www.huntercove.com.

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