LIVERMORE — Members of four ATV clubs recently participated in a ride from Canton to the Brettuns Wheelers Park and Ride located on Route 2 at Brettuns Variety in Livermore. It was the first time this ride had been scheduled and everyone was interested in seeing the portions of trail that were reopened last year.

It was an interesting ride over varied territory. “There was a little bit of everything,” says Rene Grondin, president of the Livermore Club. “The day turned out perfect and we had a great time.”

The ride began at the Canton ATV and Snowmobile Park and Ride on Route 140 in Canton. The trails runs from there through Meadowview Road and onto the Livermore portion of trails near the Livermore town line. There the trail forks and the left potion of the trail makes a slight climb over some rocks in the trail. No ATVs are allowed on the right portion of the road.

From there the trail eventually comes out on the Crash Road in Livermore. There was a long stretch where the trail had been flooded by beaver, but it was negotiated without difficulty. At the Crash Road, the trail follows the side of the road for a short distance south and then turns back into the woods again.

From there, the trail is obvious and comes out in a hayfield on Berry Hill. Landowners Jim Timberlake of Ted Berry Company and Thomas Berry have graciously allowed a trail to be made along the edge of the field. Everyone marveled at the beautiful scenery across the fields with a great view of Waters Hill.

Along this portion of the trail, deer are frequently spotted and even partridge. The trail runs along the edge of an old apple orchard and wild animals are attracted to the easy source of food.

The trail then crosses the highway and turns onto a camp road and then into the woods for a short distance and back onto camp roads until it turns back into the woods to come out on the Gibbs Mill Road.

There, the riders stopped for a barbecue at the president’s home. There were hamburgers and hot dogs served with salads, chips and desserts brought by the riders. The riders then headed back on the trail. The next stop was at Bear Mountain dairy bar. Along the return route, a scenic stop was made on Rich’s Mountain, which boasts a beautiful view of the river and the bog at Fish Meadow.

“We are very grateful for the landowners that allow us the use of their land for our trails. Donald Castonguay, John Gibbs, Frank Sawyer, Steve Berry, Eddie Castonguay and Frank Goodwin are just a few of the generous people that allow us to keep these trails open for everyone, walkers, horseback riders, as well as ATVs and snowmobiles,” said Grondin.

The Brettuns Wheelers ATV Club meets on the second Tuesday of each month, at the Livermore Community Building. The next meeting is Aug. 9, at 7 p.m.

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