When Shopping Siren’s best friend told her a year ago that a Smurf movie was in the works — and sent her the link to the trailer — the online exchange went something like this:

SS: What’s this? (pause)  No way.

BFF: Yes, indeed. 


My astonishment went on for quite some time. Not only had someone decided to turn the ’80s Saturday morning cartoon into a feature film, but they made it a mix of animation and live-action. In 3-D. Because that’s what was lacking in the Smurf TV show — a third dimension. 

I am over my shock now. Somewhat. Now I’m mostly shocked that it made $35.6 million last weekend.


But whatever your feeling about Smurfs and Smurf movies, chances are you at least favor the fact that the little guys (and girl) are blue. Because when it comes to favorite colors, blue is the most popular.  There have been scientific studies.

And not-so-scientific studies.

So, with that in mind — and with the Smurf song playing relentlessly in my head — I went scouting this week for all things blue. Azure shoes. Sapphire housewares. A cerulean ancient Egyptian cat statuette. OK, that last find was a happy accident. But he’s blue and blue is good.

Just ask the people who made $35.6 million last weekend.

* Marbles, Orphan Annie’s, 3 for $1 (large) or 5 for $1 (small)

Yes, I’m one of those millions of people whose favorite color is blue. And because it’s my favorite color, the blue marbles were always the ones I safeguarded as a kid. Here, no bogarting! Just pick out all the blue ones you want. Sure, that big yellow-green swirly one might be a marble superstar, but it’s yellow-green. ‘Nuff said.

* Ladies’ dress gloves, Orphan Annie’s, $5

Dainty, aqua-blue dress gloves, perfect to wear to a sophisticated afternoon garden tea with the ladies. Too bad the closest thing nowadays is a half-spilled iced coffee in the car with talk radio. 

* Glass salt and pepper shakers, Orphan Annie’s, $10

For a vibrant splash of sapphire in your kitchen sea of yellow and white. Never lose your salt and pepper shakers again. (Not that my kitchen has ever been so cluttered that my salt and pepper shakers went missing. For, like, a week. Really.)

* Ancient Egyptian cat statuette, Orphan Annie’s, $55

This little statuette features a cat sitting on a block engraved with hieroglyphics. All blue. A conversation piece if ever there was one.

* Carhartt men’s jeans, various sizes, Super Shoes, $29.99

In traditional and relaxed-fit styles. It doesn’t get much bluer than blue jeans.

* RocSoc kids aqua shoes, various sizes, Super Shoes, $14.99

No laces to tie. Light and comfy looking. Royal blue. Sure to become an instant favorite. I totally would have scooped up a pair for myself if only, you know, they fit someone older than 3.

* “I (lobster) Maine” infant hat by Precious Cargo, Joyful Hope Gift Shop, $14.95

Adorable, navy-blue bonnet takeoff of “I (heart) N.Y.” In the place of the heart, a little red lobster. In the place of N.Y., Maine. So, see, copyright inspectors, they didn’t steal the logo at all

Best find: Loom-woven blanket by LTD Inc., twin or full/queen sizes, Joyful Hope Gift Shop, $6

Light blue. Made by a Lewiston company. And because it’s 100 percent acrylic and easily washable, the sales associate told me, it’s the perfect blanket for camp. Or for boys. (She said with the world-weary air of someone who knows.)

Think twice: Rosetti denim purse, Super Shoes, $19.99

Medium-sized denim bag with a small zippered pocket on the outside and a large single space on the inside (closed and secured by a magnet). It’s also reversible, which means you can choose blue denim or blue-and-other-colors in a quilt-like pattern. The first is very much a stereotypical mom purse. The other is more unfortunate than Gargamel’s choice of robe. How about a nice midnight-blue clutch or a dusky-teal shoulder bag instead? There’s a world full of bags — and blues — out there. Go Smurf or go home!

Shopping Siren’s identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who favor pink and purple, the rebels) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at [email protected].

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