Tizz Crowley, 59

35 University St.

[email protected]

Occupation: Retired

Education: Edward Little HS, 1970; BA in political science, University of Maine at Portland-Gorham; American College of Medical Practice Executives Board Certified.

Political experience: None

Community organizations: Served on board of directors for University of Southern Maine Alumni association, Breast Diagnostic Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital Auxiliary and Opera League of Maine. Task Force chair for Kennebec Girl Scouts Council. Former member of Greater Bangor Chamber of Commerce. Member of Androscoggin County Historical Society and Androscoggin Chamber of Commerce.

What is broken in your city? What problem do you perceive, and how will you, as an elected leader, fix it?

I think the primary problem is a lack, or failure, of communication on multiple levels. We see that with the City Council; everyone sees it from the audience or on television. But as I’ve walked around my neighborhood, I hear stories and am told things that just come from a lack of information.

Edward Little High School is in need of repairs, but it’s unlikely state financial aid for a replacement will be coming soon. Should the city pursue repairs on its own, bonding the money to do the work, or not?

Some of it is absolutely necessary, and the city will have to come up with the funding in some manner. Obviously, bonding is one option. We will not be able to wait until the state puts us high enough on the list. There are just too many needs.

There may be other creative ways. As a personal resident, not a candidate, if I could allocate half a mil of my property taxes to Edward Little, I would do that. It would be sort of like a United Way or other campaign, to help upgrade the school that I graduated from.

How do you rate the current city manager, and would you rehire him? What would you have the city manager do to best serve the city of Auburn?

I would encourage Glenn, if he feels he is still interested in the job, to apply for the position along with any other interested candidates. He obviously is well qualified to manage a city. Whether the issues of the past could be overcome, I don’t have enough information.

If there is not a specific job description, then, working with the council, he’d need to identify goals on an annual basis. Otherwise, we just get into personality issues. It’s unfair to an employee to not have specific and objective measurements that everybody can agree to and then follow.

 Robert T. Spruill Jr.

Withdrawn from the race.

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