Ward 4 — Fairview/Sherwood Heights schools area

Tracey Levesque

Age: 36

Address: 264 Beech Hill Road

Occupation: Co-owner Argo Marketing Group

Education: New England Culinary Institute

Political experience: None

Community organizations: Board member at Sandcastle Educational and Clinical Services, co-founder of Auburn Citizens for Responsible Education

What’s the biggest problem you perceive in the Auburn School Department, and how will you work to correct it?

The biggest problem is the lack of communication among the City Council, school board, administration, teachers and parents. I will continue to address the concerns of parents in the community, hold individuals accountable and make sure communication is a top priority for all involved in Auburn’s education process.

What’s working well in Auburn schools, something you want to continue or support?

What is working well in the school system now, and what I will continue to support, is Superintendent Grondin’s active approach for parental involvement. She is creating an opportunity for parents to be much more involved than they ever have been. Also, the schools reaching out for parental volunteers during school. It gives parents the chance to see the day-to-day goings of their child’s day and brings a bigger sense of community. 

Do you support the iPads of kindergartners program? What will you do if Auburn does not get grants to pay for the program next fall and in future years?

No, I do not support the iPad initiative. It was a poorly implemented plan brought forward in a hasty manner without public support. If a plan was fully developed, questions were answered, then I may have had a different answer. If the program does not receive grant funding, I would propose the existing iPads be used by all grade levels on a shared basis to support current curriculum, or as an advanced technology center.

Edward Little is in need of repairs, but it is unlikely state money for a new high school is coming soon. Should the city pay for a new or improved high school on its own? Would you rebuild, renovate or leave the building as is?

Recently I was at Edward Little and walked around. It was rather alarming to be there. It made me not want to be there! I also went to the Vision 2020 meeting where data was issued on birth rates in the area, what enrollment looks like in the years to come, as well as the costs to repair all schools in the district, especially EL. EL is in dire straits and our community should support a new school, otherwise it is likely Auburn will see a mass exodus of parents moving to give their children an accredited education, since that is an important factor with secondary education and EL is on the verge of losing it.  

What’s your position on the next Auburn school budget and property taxes? Should the school budget’s impact on property taxes be flat-funded, decreased or increased, and why?

Flat, and so don’t the citizens I have talked with, that a fresh look at our budget, priorities and operation procedures can free up money to help fund our core mission, education of our children.

Why are you running?

I am running because I believe it is important, as a parent of a child in the system, to be present during the education process. I want to know what is going on in the district, and to be a voice for parents like myself. The council needs a fresh set of eyes.

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