Ward 1, Geiger school area

Linda M. Scott

Age: 43

Address: 45 Pettingill St.

Occupation: At-home mom and college student. Former housekeeping supervisor at Schooner Estates, former supervisor in customer service training for L.L. Bean.

Education: Lewiston High School graduate. Pursuing degree in public administration at the University of Maine.

Political experience: Volunteered in political campaigns at state, local and national levels; actively involved in legislative issues, including education and child welfare; served on building committee for new Geiger elementary school, chaired Friends of Pettingill referendum campaign for approval of Geiger Elementary School.

Community organizations: President of Pettingill School parent/teacher organization, organized home-school group out of Portland, volunteered for Maine Children’s Alliance, Maine Women’s Network, Classy Lady Boutique, Community Little Theatre and more.

What is the biggest problem you perceive in Lewiston schools, and how will you work to correct it?

One of the biggest issues we are facing right now is student population. The best possible thing we can do for our city and students is provide an optimal environment for their learning.

What do you think is going right in Lewiston schools, something you want to support?

The new schools that have been provided to our children in the last few years. The renovation of Farwell School and McMahon, and the new Geiger Elementary have been a huge asset to the Lewiston school system. I truly believe that continued improvement to our schools will better our community as a whole. A quality school attracts people to our community and encourages those here to stay.

When the next proposed Lewiston school budget comes out, would you favor flat-funding, a higher budget, a lower budget?

(See answer below)

Lewiston’s population of Somali students continues to climb. Do you approve of how they’re being taught, where they’re going to school and how their needs are being met?

As a first-time candidate, I need to learn more about our immigrant students and the budget. Since putting my name on the ballot, I have been reading the Lewiston School Department policy manual, as well as the budget and am eager to be actively involved and more acquainted with both issues.

Superintendent Bill Webster has released projections showing Lewiston’s enrollment will continue to grow at 100 students a year. He’s recommending turning the Lewiston Multi-Purpose Center into a prekindergarten school for the city, expanding the middle school and McMahon. Lewiston senior citizens do not want to give up their space at the Multi-Purpose Center. Do you approve or disapprove of Webster’s plan?

With the student enrollment projected to grow by 100 students per year, we will need more room for our children to provide an excellent education for them. I can’t say that making the Multi-Purpose building into a pre-k center will be the solution to this. I do feel, though, that this issue should be further discussed with residents of Lewiston, especially the senior citizens who will be directly affected by this discussion.

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