NORWAY — Two Norway men were arrested Wednesday and charged with breaking into homes in Norway and Waterford and stealing electronics.

Terry D. Canning, 47, of 206 Main St., and Brent J. Conley, 21, of 7 King St. No. 9, each face three charges of burglary and three charges of theft.

Trooper Adam Fillebrown of the Maine State Police said the men stole electronics, a snow blower and a gun from three homes on the night of Dec. 12. At the bail hearing on Friday, Assistant District Attorney Richard Beauchesne said Canning traded the gun for crack cocaine in Lewiston.

Fillebrown said someone called the police and reported a suspicious car outside a neighbor’s house. Using a description of the car, Fillebrown and Norway police were able to track down Canning and Conley. Fillebrown said he stopped Canning in traffic and was able to get information on the burglaries from him.

The investigation is continuing, Fillebrown said. He said police are searching for the missing gun, but that it may be out of the state already. “We might catch a lucky break,” Fillebrown said, but he said it’s likely the gun will go to Massachusetts or wherever the crack cocaine came from.

Fillebrown credited a neighbor who reported a suspicious white box truck in the neighborhood for helping to catch the suspects. He said that even though the caller couldn’t provide a license plate number, they were able to find the truck.

Canning’s bail was set at $2,000 cash; Conley’s at $1,500. Both have the option of a Maine Pretrial Services contract.

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