1. In 2008, Bethel residents broke their own world record by building the largest snowman in history. Measuring 122 feet tall, Olympia SnowWoman had five-foot wreaths for eyes. She also had skis for eyelashes. How many?

2. Which famous explorer named Christmas Cove, located in present-day Lincoln County, when he landed on its coastline on Christmas Day in 1614?

3. In 2009, Mainers harvested 2.6 million pounds of what holiday produce?

4. According to a survey by the National Climatic Data Center of towns and cities east of the Mississippi River, which one — it’s in Maine — is most likely to have a white Christmas (snow on the ground)?

5. In 2010, locals on Beals Island created a unique Christmas tree. Standing 50 feet tall, adorned with lights and tools of their trade, the builders claimed the tree was the world’s tallest to be made out of what?

6. Maine is the largest producer of what traditional holiday decoration?

7. We all know reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh. Reindeer are large cervids (deer) that range across the arctic and subarctic regions of Eurasia. They are related to other cervids native to Maine, such as moose and white-tailed deer. However, they are the exact same species as what animal, once numerous in Maine’s north woods, but extinct since about 1910?

8. For colonial settlers in Maine, Nova Scotia and French-speaking Canada, Christmas was considered an important religious holiday, but was not celebrated with the same pomp as we do today. What timely holiday was the focal point of the early settlers’ seasonal festivities?

9. “The 12 Dogs of Christmas” was filmed around Bethel in 2004. Though it was shot in May, most of the snow used in the movie was brought in from what nearby business?

10. Approximately 167,000 Christmas trees are sold in Maine each year, according to the Maine Christmas Tree Association. What percentage of Maine homes are decked with a real tree?

11. Last winter, around 1.2 million people visited Maine for a trip that lasted at least one night. Twenty-four percent, the largest group, came from what state?

12. The coldest temperature every recorded in Maine was 50 below zero. The temperature was recorded on Jan. 16, 2009, in what northern town along the Aroostook River?


1. 16: 8 per eye.

2. John Smith

3. Cranberries

4. Caribou, with a 97 percent chance, and a 57 percent chance of having 10 inches or more. (Houlton is second likeliest, at 96 percent.)

5. Lobster traps. The builders were local lobstermen.

6. Christmas wreaths; Washington County is the seat of all the activity, with Harrington’s Worcester Wreath Co. being the biggest in the state.

7. Caribou.

8. New Year’s Day

9. Sunday River Ski Resort.

10. About 30 percent

11. Massachusetts

12. Caribou


Frosty the Maine Snowman

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