HEBRON — The Hebron Historical Society recently hosted Hebron resident Bette Ann Cushman, who spoke on one of her life-long pursuits in graphology, the study and interpretation of handwriting. Having studied and trained professionally as a graphologist, Cushman cautioned that the art of handwriting analysis is a constantly changing process. While it is a process that can provide insight into one’s personality or even subconscious, it is not, as Cushman put it, a prediction of the future.

As she explained, the size of the writing, pressure of the pen and even the ink color chosen are all considerations in her interpretations. Over the years Cushman has performed numerous analyses, ranging from those of elected officials, to the affluent, to the everyday American.

When asked of her opinion on our changing society and the migration towards a more electronic world of email, texting and telephoning, she remarked that it is unfortunate. She went on to say that the art of handwriting is vanishing so quickly that one can only hope there is a resurgence at some point in our future.

Cushman lives in Hebron and continues to perform handwriting analysis to anyone interested in this service.

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