2011 was a year filled with dialogue and debate, analysis and investigation, coverage and connections across the pages of this website.

SunJournal.com published over 3,000 articles per month in 2011, and hosted hundreds of reader comments every month.  But the numbers don’t tell the whole story. Every article and every comment is an individual composition, unique unto itself, comprised of hundreds of thousands of words that — when joined together — tell the real story about the trends and tales of 2011.

So we visualized them. The first image is made of the top 1,000 words (excluding common words, like “an” and “the”) that appeared in articles on SunJournal.com. The second is made of the top 500 words found in comments. Both visualizations should provide some insight into the nature of 2011, from a perspective of language. Most of the words are expected. Where some placed in the usage hierarchy is not.

The last image is a dynamic presentation of the top 40 words selected for being both most used and most relevant to our readers. Click on the words to hide or reveal their position in the timeline of 2011.  

Enjoy, and happy new year.

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