Here’s a look back at the last week in video on The most popular video of the week is at the end. 

No. 5: Bates Art Crawl 2012

Produced by the Bates Arts Collaborative, the crawl featured more than 100 students sharing their creative voices through film, dance, music, spoken word and theater.

What does pot roast have to do with picking a guitar?

Musician Denny Breau knows. It’s a deep respect for his family and the music genes bequeathed to him, and his love of family, home and pot roast.

No. 3: Paris post office makes Paris Hill ‘a separate, special place’

Only about 45 households use the Tremont Street Post Office, which serves the P.O. Box customers in the Paris Hill neighborhood.

The post office on Paris Hill is about 3 miles from the South Paris Post Office, making it an obvious choice for the U.S. Postal Service’s plan to close 3,700 post offices nationwide.

But to many of the 45 or so households with an 04271 ZIP code, the tiny Post Office is an important part of daily life. Without a general store or similar gathering spot, the Post Office is the center of social life for Paris Hill residents.

No. 2: Why L.C. the chicken crossed the road

The chicken crossed the road for cheese.

And it has turned her into something of a celebrity.

“I think it’s pretty cool to have your chicken on Facebook,” said 10-year-old Ana Lipp, who owns L.C. the chicken with her 8-year-old sister, Jane.

For the past several months, L.C. has regularly abandoned her cozy coop to stroll across the street and down the road to a tiny market and eatery called the New Gloucester Village Store. Sometimes she’ll wander around outside, pecking at the ground and drinking out of puddles. Other times she’ll sneak inside — or a customer will hold the door open for her — and she’ll spend some time visiting with the locals and indulging in handouts of her favorite treat, provolone cheese.

No. 1: Ron Paul greeted by cheering crowd in Lewiston

Urgent message to Rep. Ron Paul: You’re going to need a bigger hall.

At the Ramada Inn on Friday night, it wasn’t just standing-room only. It was shoulder to shoulder and elbow to elbow, and that was a full hour before the presidential hopeful had arrived.

Fortunately, viewers from all over the world could watch Dr. Paul’s speech live from, or the on-demand replay on our website.