With this ring

A special story behind the rings as couples create their own wedding bands

A wedding ring workshop? It’s not necessarily for everyone, but these days more and more adventuresome souls are choosing to make their own wedding bands. These altar-bound couples are choosing to create a special story that can be passed on for generations.

Brown Goldsmiths owner, Steve Brown of Freeport, points out that their Wedding Ring Workshop is not just for lovers of the unconventional. Those with artistic flair, as well as couples who want to create a lasting memory, appreciate the workshop. For many, sharing the hands-on experience of making their own bands is more meaningful than a traditional jewelry store visit.

“Even individuals who initially think they might not be able to make the rings are excited when they finish the job,” said Brown. “They forge a special bond in creating a future family heirloom, with a wonderful story as well.

“The idea started in 2009, and since then it’s been wonderful to share the joy of many engaged couples. They work closely with head Goldsmith Deane Frank in a private session. He guides them as they craft and customize the rings with their own hands.”

Making a wedding band involves a basic jeweler’s tool kit and workbench, and 18-karat or 14-karat gold wire. Techniques include bending, sawing, twisting, soldering, and polishing. Brown Goldsmiths offers couples 16 basic designs that can be mastered in about three hours under the direction of Frank.

To view one couple’s journey through the workshop, visit www.browngoldsmiths.com/WeddingRingVideo.html. To schedule a Wedding Ring Workshop, or for or more information, call 207-865-4126 or 800-753-4465.

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