FARMINGTON — A local man pleaded guilty Monday to a misdemeanor charge of theft for stealing scrap metal from a Temple property in August 2011. He will serve 48 hours in jail

Roy Gordon, 41, of Farmington was one of six men accused of stealing metal, mostly used automobile parts, in the case.

The state requested Gordon serve 30 days in jail and pay $500 in restitution, Assistant District Attorney James Andrews told Justice Michaela Murphy on Monday in Franklin County Superior Court.

The property owner suspected metal was being taken and talked to a Franklin County Sheriff deputy who advised him to set up a game camera and he did.

The camera caught images of people taking metal, he said.

The victim of the crime produced for police a long list of metal that was taken, about $5,000 worth, Andrews said.

The state is concerned with Gordon’s previous criminal record, he said.

There was a theft conviction in 2009, a disorderly conduct conviction in 2004, a terrorizing conviction in 2001, among others, dating back to 1993, Andrews said.

The state believes he should spend 30 days in jail, he said.

Defense attorney Christopher Dilworth said Gordon’s image was not seen on the game camera but had been fingered to have been involved from the leader.

Gordon was involved in theft of copper that was sold for $200, Dilworth said.

Dilworth described Gordon as being very limited, functionally illiterate, who now helps take care of a woman who is ill, makes sure she takes her medications, cleans house, does grocery shopping and helps take care of her 10-year-old son, he said.

He has not been in trouble since being involved with her, Dilworth said.

“She is dependent on him,” he said.

The woman, who listed a number of illnesses, spoke in favor of Gordon, and repeated what Dilworth had said.

Justice Murphy sentenced Gordon to 30 days in jail with all but 48 hours suspended so that he could continue to take care of the family.

She told Gordon that what Andrews was asking for was not a lot.

“You’re getting a break,” she told Gordon.

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