Gov. Paul LePage, despite cries to reduce the Department of Health and Human Services budget, has neglected to mention in his informal way it does not reflect his childhood.

What LePage fails to mention is that during his childhood the department was in its infancy. Instead of acknowledging that, he continually attacks DHHS spending and has threatened to shut down schools.

What LePage seems to be trying to prove is that if DHHS was not a part of his childhood, then it need not be a part of the state budget.

I ask this question openly: Although it may not have been a part of Gov. LePage’s fractured family tale and sad upbringing, why would he attack those in the same situation? Why eliminate positions simply to push through weakened and quasi rules with threats?

It is an outrage to the citizens of Maine when children and mothers in abusive situations do not have the funding provided through DHHS to help them adapt to changes and, instead, many will return to the same fractured relationships.

Did Gov. LePage honestly think that his fractured upbringing could not bear light? Instead of doing what is right he threatens future generations by shutting down the very department which can help?

Would Gov. LePage please answer honestly for the citizens of Maine?

Joseph Ziehm, Lewiston

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