In her Feb. 4 column, “Immigration and ‘Obamacare’ share connection,” Froma Harrop assures the public that “the law guaranteeing coverage to all Americans excludes illegal immigrants.”

Well, yes, that’s what the law says, but it doesn’t specify how this exclusion is to be enforced. In particular, it fails to mandate use of the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements online program to confirm that a noncitizen applicant for benefits resides in the U.S. legally.

Then, considering that it’s against the law for illegal aliens to work here, yet about 8 million illegal aliens do, in fact, hold U.S. jobs, Harrop’s confidence that they won’t be collecting “government-guaranteed” health-care services is probably misplaced.

Indeed, we can be fairly certain that illegal aliens, somehow, will be enjoying medical care on the taxpayers’ dimes.

Paul Nachman, Bozeman, Mont.