In response to Elaine Graham’s letter (Obama the destroyer, Feb. 5), I have some observations.

Graham made note of a Las Vegas couple married for more than 78 years and how, seemingly, the husband was incredulous that President Barack Obama wished to congratulate them on their long and happy marriage.

What Graham failed to mention is the couple wasn’t offended in the slightest by the president’s attention. In fact, they were honored. Clearly, Graham needlessly took offense on their behalf. But why?

Better yet, however, Graham should stick to facts and refrain from assuming herself upon others.

As well, employing the “Chicken Little” claim that the sky is falling and the country will be destroyed by those who promote equality is an ineffective tactic to promote one’s hate-filled agenda to alienate and marginalize lesbian, gay, trans-gender and bisexual citizens.

Years ago, my grandmother impressed upon me a very important axiom. Ms. Graham might be wise to consider the advice — using shame to get what you want, doesn’t get what you expect.

Joseph V. Keelan, West Gardiner