DIXFIELD — A local businessman offered a $5,000 reward Wednesday for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of thieves who broke into his log yard on Monday night in North Anson.

They stole $50,000 worth of tools, lumber and saws and vandalized other equipment at his North Anson Log Yard, Clinton Bradbury said late Wednesday afternoon.

“If we don’t put a big effort in and get the public involved in this to get these people, then they’re going to continue doing it,” Bradbury said.

The log yard is right across from the Williams Dairy Farm, which is at 644 River Road in North Anson.

“They’re not going to stop,” he said. “The only way to do it is to get a decent reward out and get the newspapers and everybody to get our word out if they’ve seen anything suspicious.”

Bradbury also owns Premium Log Yards Inc. of 198 Luc Morin Road in Dixfield, and Premium Specialty Hardwoods and Maine Made Furniture Co. off Route 2 in Rumford.

Bradbury said the thieves also stole two packs of birdseye maple lumber on a trailer at his log yard.

“That’s pretty obvious to be driving down the road with a couple of packs of lumber on a trailer and, plus, that’s not something everybody would want to buy either,” he said.

Bradbury said he believes that someone in the North Anson, Anson, Solon or Newport area may have seen the thieves.

“I hope the reward is enough so that if they sold the lumber already that those people might turn them in and get the reward money and get their money back that they spent on the lumber,” he said.

Bradbury said he would also work to see that the judicial system “doesn’t slap them on the hand and let them go back on their way like they do.”

Bradbury said there is a NewPage Inc. and Premium log yard in North Anson where he buys tree-length pulpwood for the Rumford paper mill and saw logs.

“The yard was used for a lot of years by a company called Timber Resource, and then the road washed out about two years ago and NewPage owned it, so they didn’t purchase any pulpwood there until this year, when we replaced a big culvert and repaired the road,” he said.

Bradbury also has a large warehouse there, where he keeps inventory for his Rumford furniture company.

“We store our exotic furniture material in that building there, and they drove the crane right inside the building and used that to pick up packs of lumber,” he said.

“So it was adults, and they knew what they wanted. I just need all the publicity I can get. … If they hear of something, hopefully, we’ll get some tips on who it is and we can try to find out who they sold this stuff to and try to catch them,” he said.

Bradbury said he believes the burglary and theft happened sometime Monday night when police weren’t patrolling the area.

“It’s pretty brazen to be driving around with a trailer full of lumber in the middle of the night,” he said.

“I know somebody saw that. Somebody going to work early or some truck driver. Somebody saw something that looked out of place in the middle of the night, like moving lumber.”

Investigators from the Somerset County Sheriff’s Department, who are working the case, told Bradbury that he isn’t the thieves’ first victim.

“A police officer told us today that there are a lot of camps with a lot of break-ins and a lot of people are putting up home security cameras,” he said.

To help or for more information, call Bradbury at 418-0800, Dave Ames at 418-0020 or the Somerset County Sheriff’s Department at 474-9591.

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