I can hardly wait for David Corrigan to propose the development of a thorium reactor on his land as he suggested in his letter to the editor (Sun Journal, Feb. 9).   If he believes his neighbors will welcome a nuclear reactor — new generation or not — he doesn’t understand Maine or environmental activism very well.

There clearly are several activists who will travel across the state to spread misinformation about benign wind turbines. They make no distinction between ridges used for forestry, those located in protected areas because of their exceptional beauty or those that already have radio towers, roads and a quarry on them.

One does not have to look too far back in Maine’s history to know that there are activists here who will fight anything with the word nuclear in it. Oh, and do not forget the power lines that would connect it to the grid. Someone is bound to say those are ugly, harmful to wildlife and a hazard to health.

The problem, of course, is that there is often little rational basis to any of the opposition. It is purely emotional. Scientific information, facts on the ground, even personal experience, are all warped to fit a pre-determined world view. They see and hear what they are looking and listening for.

There is no holy grail of our energy future. Only imperfect solutions that require people to accept some level of change.

Kevin Walker, Norridgewock