Below is the count down for the top videos for the week on of Feb. 8 through Feb. 15. 

5. Bates Folk Festival

Scenes from this weekend’s folk festival at Bates College at Chase Hall.

4. Endangered Atlantic salmon eggs planted in Sandy River in Strong

Volunteers and state Marine Resources staff buried 300,000 eggs under the cobblestone gravel of the Sandy River on Thursday morning last week. This was the most they’ve placed since the restoration pilot project began in 2010.

3. Police arrest juvenile

Lewiston police responded to a report of cars being broken into at the Colisee on Monday night. Sun Journal Chief Photographer Russ Dillingham went to the scene and captured the arrest of one suspect.

2. Car rolls over on Ash Street in Lewiston

While heading downtown on Ash Street, a Lewiston woman flipped her car. Video from the scene and an interview with the driver.

1. Midnight at Community Credit Union in Lewiston

Acting on a tip from Lewiston police, we waited at the Community Credit Union on Pine Street on the last day of the month at midnight. Sun Journal staff observed a dozen or so people waiting in line at the ATM to withdraw money at midnight on the first of the month.

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