Isn’t presidential history repeating itself in the Mideast, with Iran as it was with Iraq? President Barack Obama seems like George W. Bush, claiming weapons of mass destruction in Iran, like Bush did in Iraq (both fabricated threats).

Isn’t it, rather, the oil and politics?

Keeping score, Israel has more than 200 atomic bombs, while Iraq has none. What kind of current threat is that?

Sure, politically, the U.S. is much closer to Israel, but that is not a reason for war (except the U.S. is the largest manufacturer of arms in the world).

While a lifelong Democrat, I am considering voting for Ron Paul, who is challenging the U.S. role of being a Boy Scout to the world.

Christians can be as fundamentalist as Muslim terrorists: close-minded radicals. Thank God for a few wise persons such as Noam Chomsky and President Jimmy Carter, who question the nation’s policies and morality.

Stephen Drane, Auburn