AUBURN — Police recovered a variety of drugs and nearly $90,000 in cash in an early-morning bust Wednesday.

Police arrested Nicholas Morrissette, 25, of 12 Oak St. before dawn, shortly after a drug deal in which police say he sold marijuana to a customer who was leaving that address.

Officer Matthew Johnson spotted the customer leaving and conducted a field interview. The customer admitted to having bought marijuana. Johnson followed up with a search of Morrissette’s apartment. He found 136 grams of marijuana, 2.9 grams of crack cocaine, 59 ecstasy pills and $86,764 in cash believed to be proceeds from drug sales.

Morrissette was charged with two counts of aggravated drug trafficking. Both charges were elevated because Morrissette’s home was within 1,000 feet of Chestnut Street Park, a designated “drug-free zone.”

He was booked at Androscoggin County Jail where he was released after posting $10,000 cash bail.