HANOVER — Peg Susbury said the Gardner Roberts Memorial Library vegetable garden will become more diverse this year, thanks to hard work by volunteers and many neighborhood children.

The triangular-shaped garden on Howard Pond Road will include raised beds and square-foot plots.

“We want each child to care for a square-foot,” Susbury, the volunteer librarian, said.

Volunteer Lynne Ramsey leads the garden activities.

Susbury said she will soon apply for another grant from Gardeners Supply out of Vermont, even though last year’s application did not get approved.

Because the library is self-supporting, Friends of the Library and Susbury are always looking for ways to raise money. For the past couple of years, quick breads have been sold at the library.

And last month they began offering homemade baked beans on Saturday mornings. For $2, Saturday night traditionalists can buy a pint of beans and corn bread or some other bread. Last weekend, they sold 18 quarts, Susbury said.

The newest craft offered for sale at the century-old library on Route 2 is another food-related item. It’s an octagonal brightly colored mat to hold a sandwich or some other similarly-sized food item. It can be spread out to use as a place mat and is machine washable.

They are selling like hot cakes at $5 each, Susbury said.

And the largest fundraiser for the library is a queen-size quilt designed and sewn by the Library Bees. Each week, the group of women meet at the adjacent Town Office to cut, trim and sew the quilt. It will be raffled during or soon after the annual Fall Festival.

This year’s creation uses the reds, greens and golds of Christmas in a Turning 30 design. Each 16.5-inch square is made from two rectangular pieces and one square piece. Thirty different fabrics are used.

Last year’s quilt raffle raised several hundred dollars to help support the library, Susbury said.

The Library Bees also sew fleece blankets and other items for use by people at The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing in Lewiston.