Why wasn’t I surprised to read in the Jan. 27 Sun Journal that gay couples are at it again? They are still trying for marriage equality. They cannot take “no” for an answer to the past two times they tried.

I believe there is only one type of marriage, which is also a sacrament, and that is between a man and a woman that the creator had in mind from the beginning of time, and for as long as the human race has been in existence. If He had other intentions, He would not have bothered in taking a man’s rib to create the woman for procreation.

No matter how the odds might favor homosexuals at times, I hope that in November’s election that the people of Maine will remain the only state in New England that doesn’t allow gay marriage or civil unions.

Whatever religion people believe in, plus a few non-believers, we are all here because of our creator.

Give the Constitution a break, where many cry for their rights, and give a little more respect to the creator.

People are asking how come the world is in such a mess.

Many people live together these days, so why can’t gay people be satisfied with that. They would be in style.

And why should homosexuals get the benefits that straight people receive?

Louis “Bert” Godin, Lewiston

Editor’s note: Since July 2004, Maine’s law recognizing domestic partnerships went into effect, permitting same-sex couples the right of inheritance within the relationship, among other things.

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