PERU — Code Enforcement Officer Jack Plumley told selectmen Monday night that zoning around Worthley Pond needs to be addressed because of business signs within 250 feet of the shoreline.

The eatery called the Bus is on Greenwoods Road on the west shore of the pond and on land zoned residential.

The state Department of Environmental Protection said Bus signs are not allowed in the shoreland zone and they must come down.

Plumley said the board could rezone the area to light commercial or general.

Board Chairman Tim Holland moved to zone the entire area around the pond light commercial.

Plumley said the shoreland zone would not change, but light commercial would overlap it.


He said he never found fault with the Bus signs, but the state was alerted by residents who wanted them down.

“The law is the law,” he said, “and they must come down.”

Selectman Laurieann Milligan said, “We want to support business in town, but it must be done properly.” She suggested they charge the Planning Board with coming up with the proper zoning.

Holland wanted Honey Run Campground and two other campgrounds on Greenwoods Road to be included in proper zoning.

Any decision will be up to a town vote, but selectmen and the Planning Board can recommend a solution.

Steve Fuller of the Planning Board reported that the wind power ordinance being written must be reviewed by an attorney familiar with such laws.


“I have learned to be cautious and we need to define perimeters a wind farm will be expected to work within,” he said. ” I was for wind to begin with, but the more I have done research, the more I’m sure we need legal advice.”

Wind Ordinance Committee Chairman Bill Hine suggested the budget should have $3,000 in for legal fees. There’s no money for it now.

“We need to build a realistic budget and not one where there is no money for miscellaneous, which is where we were getting legal funds previously,” Town Clerk Vera Parent said. “We’ve cut back too far to run our town the best possible way.”

Selectman Kathy Hussey suggested they look for a local attorney to cut costs.

Plumley also alerted the board to the former match factory, which is looking to become a recycling plant for hazardous waste.

Fuller said it’s in shoreland zoning, which would be a problem.

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