RUMFORD — Friends of the Rumford Public Library were joined by library trustee president Carolyn Kennard, trustee Peg Susbury and librarian Luke Sorensen on Jan. 5 at a regularly scheduled follow-up meeting to review the organization’s mission statement and bylaws.

The mission statement, which simply reads, “To build a partnership between the Rumford Public Library and the community to advocate for quality library services for all the people of the greater Rumford area,” was read and accepted without change. It was agreed to make copies of the bylaws available at the library and to review again at a subsequent meeting. Fundraising and ideas to increase visibility and awareness of the value of the library to the community will also be placed on the next meeting’s agenda.

Jane Shuck reported on the success of library participation in the Festival of Trees. The library tree was decorated in book motif, and Mrs. Claus distributed brochures, bookmarks and membership forms. Shuck is already working on plans for next year.

The librarian reported on the success of the free-raffle Christmas baskets that generated increased visits to the library and were especially popular with adult patrons. Baskets were the result of donations and incurred no cost to the library.

Five patrons purchased library cards for non-Rumford residents. These cards are available at the library at the cost of: $30 for one year, $10 for students under 21 years old and for anyone over 65 or disabled. A one-month card is available for $5. All cards entitle the owner to use the Minerva network which borrows books from any library in Maine. In addition to the Minerva network, the reference librarian can obtain books from anywhere in the country with no mailing charges to the patron.

The librarian also reported on the purchases made with a donation from Friends of the Rumford Library. He has ordered a new high-capacity book spinner for the children’s room and two new book scanners, which will make book sign-outs more efficient.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 8, at 4 p.m. Membership in the Friends of the Rumford Library is open to anyone who wishes to support the library in this way. Membership fee is $10 dollars per individual. Application forms are available at the library.

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