JAY — Police arrested a Livermore Falls man Tuesday on a warrant charging attempted burglary on Feb. 14 on Lamkin Lane in Farmington, police Chief Larry White Sr. said.

Farmington police received a tip that Miguel Cedeno, 21, was in Jay and passed it on to Jay Police Department on Monday, Farmington Detective Marc Bowering said.

A DNA sample Cedeno voluntarily gave Farmington police on Feb. 14 matched that of blood samples taken at a residence in Farmington. He is accused of breaking a window in a mobile home with the butt of a shotgun early on Valentine’s Day and demanding entry.

Farmington police went to Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington on that day and found Cedeno being treated for a laceration to his hand. He denied being at the Lamkin Lane residence, police previously said.

White said he, Sgt. Troy Young and Detective Richard Caton IV went to a Church Street residence. A woman opened the door and let Caton and White in while Young guarded the back door from the outside.

Cedeno was seated in a living room chair and did not resist arrest, White said.

Caton took him into custody and asked Cedeno if he knew what he was being arrested for and he said “’yes,’” White said.

Young transported Cedeno to the Franklin County jail in Farmington.

He was still there late Tuesday afternoon being held on $1,000 cash bail, a corrections officer said.

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