AUGUSTA — After reviewing the 2012 Unclaimed Property List produced by the Maine State Treasurer’s Office, state Sen. Tom Saviello, R-Wilton, called more than a dozen local residents to make them aware they were on it.

His actions garnered more than $1,000 for these residents out of the 1,241 entries listed from his district.

Unclaimed property consists of money or other personal assets that are considered lost or abandoned when an owner cannot be located for a specific amount of time.

Unclaimed property includes, but is not limited to: checking and saving accounts; certificates of deposit; overpayments; gift certificates; unpaid wages; stocks; and contents of safety deposit boxes.

Saviello encourages all his constituents to visit the state treasurer’s website to see if the state is safeguarding unclaimed property that belongs to them. Individuals do not need to have a computer at home to check the listing. People may call the state treasurer’s office directly.

Last year, with the help of legislative members, approximately $12.5 million was returned to 19,200 rightful owners, he said.

Those interested in inquiring if they are on the Unclaimed Property List can go to, or email the State Treasurer’s Office at [email protected] or by phone at (207) 624-7470.

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