SANDY RIVER PLANTATION — Freestyle aerialists on snowmobiles and local skiers and snowboarders entertained visitors and spectators of all ages at Saddleback Ski Resort on Saturday.

Although the main RaveX Motorsports freestyle show and 2nd annual Flyin’ Hawaiian Party and Pig Roast didn’t start until noon, RaveX sledders, skiers and snowboarders began launching themselves at 9 a.m. off two large jumps built in the terrain park.

“It’s wicked fun,” said Seth Bell, a RaveX snowmobile aerialist of Waterford who was flying off jumps at 50 mph.

Sledders practiced hitting the jumps while racing upslope, as skiers and boarders raced downslope into smaller jumps.

Each group tried to time its approach to the jumps so as to cross in mid-air simultaneously while traveling in different directions and performing stunts.

“This is a little bit different than what we normally do,” Bell said during a break. “Normally, we do ramp shows, where we have a ramp to do snow landings, and then do tricks off that.”

The upper jump was about 90 feet long, which launched the aerialists about 30 feet off the snow, while the lower jump closer to the ski lodge was about 70 feet long.

As the blue-sky day warmed, temperatures climbed from the upper 30s to near 60 degrees as winds picked up considerably.

The wind was blowing so hard that it created clouds that resembled flying saucers which seemingly hovered over the panoramic views of mountains across the valley.

When rising temperatures slowed speeds in slushy snow, skiers and snowboarders were towed downhill behind snowmobiles one at a time at about 55 mph.

Nearing the jump, the sledder peeled away off course and braked while the skier or boarder let go of the tow rope and was flung off the jump.

Spent fuel from snarling sleds permeated the air during the morning before giving way to roast pork aromas by early afternoon.

A large crowd gathered at the lodge to watch the RaveX show and a rail jam on terrain park equipment near the lodge deck.

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